The Bronaugh Mansion


trick or treaters need not tarry, the haunted mansion is not too scary! 

 Welcome to the Mansion - 2016 Halloween

                                                                                                                                                                   all lit up in orange & glowing, the ghosts & goblins are all tiptoeing.  




someone will be waiting to greet this brave soul who dared to trek the haunted path. 





the greeter is on duty to make sure all feel welcome!


tasty treats await the brave trick or treater.  candy & goodies & spiders galore!



our "guest" seems to be having a big laugh, or is that fright!?!
just remember that tricks & treats & laughter await you on Halloween.....ohhhhhhhhhhhh


the trap door is open and leads to the secret tunnel!!!   a quick get-away IF you can get pass the gate-keeper!!!!!! boooooooo


dinner is waiting, the table is set.  a tasteful menu -  eye of newt stew, rack of  bat with mint jelly, dandelion & chickweed salad, broccoli sprouts & stewed prunes.
and for dessert .......... YOU!!
2 trick or treaters that braved the door, their bags are stuffed with treats galore! they  paused for just a moment before they scurried off to the next haunt.  

  The Haunted Mansion is waiting, if you dare!




a group of recent trick or treaters!