Francis William Bronaugh



Born November 23, 1850

Clinton, Mo. 

Died January 28, 1937 

Clinton, Mo.  

from the "Clinton Eye", January 28, 1893

"Our young friend, Frank Bronaugh, has just completed a new house, which for beauty, comfort and convenience, is equaled by few in the state.  Eight years ago, his brother, W.C., finished a new house and thereby celebrated the first triumph of Democracy in many years; and today, Frank in like manner commemorates Cleveland's second inauguration. 

But aside from all this, the house is a beauty within itself -- a large two story building with basement, broad halls, ample parlors with tastefully decorated slate roof. The foundation is finished with white stone, the reception room and halls with walnut, the parlor with cherry and a third room below is finished in mahogany.  There are five bedrooms in the second story and a bathroom supplied with both hot and cold water.  One of the bedrooms -- blue, trimmed with gold -- is a marvel of taste and beauty.  Two others are finely finished with bird's-eye maple and are home-like and convenient.  Harry Kemp, the architect, considers this one of the most substantial, elaborate and highly-finished farm houses in the state and Mr. Kemp is a competent judge."

It is rumored that this home was built by Mr. Bronaugh as a wedding gift for his bride.... but, alas, Mr. Bronaugh never married.  Today, no one can say with certainty who his intended was exactly, but  in the late 50's a visitor came to the house & announced herself as the niece of the lady for whom the house was built and went on to say that the proposal was never forthcoming.   After all these years that name has been lost, but it is believed that she was a descendant of Mr. Harry Kemp, the architect of the house.   We may never know the whole truth of the house,  as the papers found in the house have since been scattered,  lost,  or destroyed.  There is a surviving letter that does give us some insight into the man, and that one states that he enjoyed politics, parties & the ladies.  The mystery & the search are part of the fun of an old house, and the search continues

Please share any story or information you may have about the Bronaugh's or the house, all are welcome!


                                  Eugenia Bronaugh Bushnell 

                                                 circa 1900

                                                circa 1940        

                                                    circa 1970

FALL 2003            

                         photo courtesy of Sally Bronaugh Ansel    Circa 1967


                                        the Mansion - October 2013 

The Mansion 2018 with new Paint -- 
Notice the Windows .. all trimmed in a deep Green & wonderful accents all around the house of Deep Purple (see the window sills) ... 

Well.....................this is me

The WC Bronaugh Home picture from the early 1900s 
picture courtesy of Susan Garcia, Texas