The Bronaugh Mansion

                    spring at mansion,.iris in bloom, oh no! Etta Jane is on the prowl - watch out iris!


when we moved to the Mansion in Clinton I brought with me thousands of iris that I had been collecting for years.




Some came from my grandmothers house, many from ditches along roadsides, many more from wonderful friends!


To say the  least, i believe that iris are my favorite flower. Although their bloom time is short I try to enjoy every minute of their beauty.


As you can see the cat loves the iris too! I do have a problem keeping the dogs from running through and breaking off the blooms, but i guess they are enjoying the iris too.

                                                 Take some time each day to enjoy the flowers in your path.   They are here for only a short time, to add beauty to our lives.

A one of a kind beauty!

My favorites are the old iris, the purple and blue and yellow.

Etta Jane enjoying her day in the midst of iris!