Garden Tour 2010

When first asked to be part of the Henry County Garden Tour I promptly declined. After all, I don't have a garden! I have lovely spring blooming flowers, but not so for summer as I am normally  active at the county and state fairs, causing my flowers to depend on my husband for nurturing (not a good deal for the flowers).
The ladies  told me it is not always about the "garden", it could be about the view. Well, I have a wonderful view! And, as you know, I decorate for all the holidays, so I carried my zest for decorating outside and set up little vignettes.
There was an old-fashioned picnic under the big cedar, a patriotic tea under the maple tree across the drive. You could find homemade, hand-cranked ice cream on the porch. Tucked in under the silver maples was a table set with a watermelon theme, a croquet set ready for play and, of course, there were martinis on the chaise hidden in the grasses in the 'circle'. The swing in the sycamore was covered with a "flower" afghan I had made & laden with gardening books. Out at the pond (or puddle, as we call it) there were Adirondack chairs waiting for the lazy fisherman (no fish in the puddle!).
And of course the red, white & blue could be seen from afar! Flags lined the drive & Uncle Sam was there to greet each visitor. 
The dogs and cats were all on their best behavior that entire day. Although they would have preferred to have greeted each and every one of the visitors, they stayed inside the house, in the air-conditioning.
The day started off hot & humid, not a breath of air at 7am. But, by 10am, as a surprise, there was a lovely breeze that started up & lasted the rest of day! Thank goodness, the breeze kept us all from sweltering in the summer heat.
I hope everyone enjoyed the Garden Tour as much as I did. And please come by to pull a weed or three, if you are so inclined! Enjoy your summer!